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NavPad™ for Handheld GPS or PDA

The perfect mounting solution for your handheld GPS or PDA in stick-controlled airplanes, helicopters, ultralights.

The display is visible at a glance without special mounts or permanent installations.

The tapered circular base conforms to your leg and is secured by a simple Velcro strap.

Your electronic device is perfectly protected against vibrations.

Instead of a GPS attach a clip board and you have a hands-free chart holder.

All Velcro tape is included.

Patent pending.


Why is the NavPad yellow and not black?

In warm weather, the interiors of airplanes with canopies collect a great deal of heat. This applies to items inside the cockpit as well. As a result, the kneepad or similar items become unpleasantly hot, especially if one is wearing shorts.

As far as preventing this heat absorption is concerned, white would be the best choice. Unfortunately, it isn't very attractive. The next best choice is yellow, which we think is the best compromise.

                                      +   $6.00      (shipping & handling)

(FL residents add 6% sales tax, International Orders add $4.)

Hand Cranking Towbar - WingWalker

Wingwalker          Wingwalker Closeup

The Wingwalker® is an aviation accessory that allows one person of average strength to move his/her aircraft into or out of its hangar with relative ease. This amazing device operates without gasoline or electrical power.

Wingwalker® eliminates strain on your back and/or legs because instead of pushing and pulling, you utilize mechanical advantage with gears and a hand crank.

You simply use less force for a prolonged time.

Typically, the largest amount of force is required when getting a stationary airplane into motion and especially by moving the plane back in the hangar, multiple stop-and-goes may be required. This is the situation where the
Wingwalker® performs best. Maneuvering in confined spaces, the Wingwalker® surpasses every other towing device.

Wingwalker® can be equipped with a variety of fork attachments making it compatible with a wide variety of airplanes types, including light twin engine aircraft.

Wingwalker® is assembled in Di Blasi of America's Florida facility.


$ 445.00   
                                  +   $25.00      (shipping & handling)

(FL residents add 6% sales tax.)

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